About me

smoelI was born in the Netherlands and lived there for most of my life. I studied electrical engineering and worked for a start-up chip design company in Rotterdam. While on a work assignment in Ottawa, I met my wife Lynne and moved to Canada in 1999. I currently work as a digital chip design engineer for a high tech company in Ottawa.

Photography is my main hobby and creative outlet. My interest in photography started in high school where we had a photo club and a darkroom. My photography skills are mostly self-taught and learned through some part-time courses and workshops. I was part of the former Ottawa based photo group “Dante Was Here” with who I participated in several photo exhibits.

I like to create natural looking photographs that are well crafted and that speak for themselves. No lofty bla bla. Strong lines and shapes is what I often aim for.

I photograph both digitally and with black & white film. Neither is better than the other but both have their pros and cons. For me, using black & white film, developing and printing in the darkroom is fun to do. It also forces me to get it right in the camera and not on the computer. Most black & white photographs shown here are shot on black & white film with either a 35mm or medium format camera and printed in a traditional darkroom. Most colour photographs are shot with a digital SLR camera and some are scans from 35mm slides.

Menno Spijker